2020 Fall Online - Fashion Trends

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Imagine getting a compliment on your beautiful outfit and instead of saying “thank you” for having picked out clothes someone else designed and created for thousands of people, you were actually able to say, “Thank you, I designed it and made it myself!”  This is precisely what we make possible in the Hobby Quest Fashion Program!


Learn everything there is to know about sketching, designing and sewing one of a kind wearable pieces to show off to your friends! In our Fall Semester you’ll learn how to create a full outfit including a top and skirt or shorts of your own design! Since one of the most important parts of being a fashion designer is showing off your designs, we’ll even have a runway show at the end of the session, where you can model your chic creations over Zoom meeting that you can share with friends and family distanced by the pandemic.  Get ready design world – here you come!


Design it! Create it! Model it! Keep it!