AVIATION VIDEO CLASS Kit - Bundle of 5 - 15% Off!

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Roger that, Captain-you’re in charge in this convenient Video Airplane Captains class.  As a commander in this exclusive flying club, you’ll learn important STEM concepts in order to build your own aircraft. Then you’ll take it for a spin and watch it that soar through the clouds. This class is the perfect combination of science and fun! It’s all up to you, so buckle up and take the controls in this fantastic, flying program.

It’s Physics! Build it! Fly it! Keep it!

  • We will ship the materials straight to the your home.
  •  Your students will get a private video link for a full instructional class to work on ANYTIME from the comfort of their home.
  • Each Project generates hours of screen-free time!


Package includes Instructional Videos of 5 Classes and 5 Projects